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Social responsibility

In its simplest form, social responsibility for companies and public bodies means that these entities take responsibility for the impact they have on people and the environment. Responsible companies are those who systematically organise their operations in such a manner as does not harm society or their environment but have a positive impact on society.

Social responsibility policy of RB

The operation of RB has a considerable social impact, as the company has, since its establishment in 1973, been responsible for the foundations of payment processing in Iceland and ensured uptime and the operation of numerous IT systems that are a prerequisite for ensuring that Iceland’s financial systems operate as they should. RB wishes to continue to be a driving force behind changes and a sought-after partner in the Icelandic financial market and focuses on continuing to make every effort to reach such goal with sustainability and efficiency as its guiding light.​


RB places great importance on security and environmental issues in the operation of the company and on minimising the negative environmental impact of the operation. Through safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operations, RB plays a part in ensuring that the infrastructure of payment processing in Iceland is among the best.​


The employees of RB are the key to ensuring the company’s success, and the company takes care to make sure that it is a popular workplace. Health, wellbeing and equal rights over a broad spectrum plays a key part in this respect, as does ensuring that RB employees are given the opportunity to grow and prosper within their professions. ​


RB focuses on supporting issues that lead to better education and increased equal rights in Iceland.

RB finds it important to comply with responsible governance guidelines that have been prepared using the “Guidelines on Corporate Governance”, published by the Iceland Chamber of Commerce, Nasdaq Iceland and the Confederation of Icelandic Employers. In 2020, RB received renewed recognition from Stjórnvísi as a model company in good corporate governance.


RB participates in social responsibility collaborations through Festa, the Centre for Sustainability, having become a member of Festa in 2015.


RB offset the company’s carbon emissions in 2019, which were approximately 134 tonnes, through contributions to the Wetlands Fund. The company, moreover, has adopted an action plan that is systematically followed in order to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

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Community projects

We are serious about engaging with the community and support numerous projects, as we see this as being an integral part of our social obligations. We believe that every little bit helps; we sort and recycle, offer our employees eco-friendly travel options and support a number of varied charities. Our particular goal is to support projects involving young people and technology.

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Efficient renewal and sorting

We care about the environment and make every effort to sort and recycle as much waste as we possibly can, because every little bit makes a difference.

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Grants made to charities

Every year, we allocate a certain amount that is used to support a variety of charities. Our main focus has been on supporting children and young people. You can apply for a grant from RB by clicking on the tab “Hafa samband hér” (Contact us here), at the top of the page.


Programmers of the future

RB is, together with Skema, a founding member of “Programmers of the future”, which is a community project with the role of strengthening programming and technology education in primary and secondary schools. The project is undertaken in collaboration with the business sector. For further information, see http://www.forritarar.is (in Icelandic).

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Transport agreements

The employees of RB are encouraged to use eco-friendly and healthy modes of transport to travel to and from work. Employees can sign a transport agreement with the company in exchange for using eco-friendly transport options three times or more per week when travelling to and from work. All employees who have entered into such transport agreement are paid a monthly transport supplement.

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