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Sponsorship applications

Every year, we allocate a certain amount that is used to support a variety of charities. RB has focused on grants that encourage the increased education and interest of young people in programming and technology. RB is, for instance, a founding member of “Forritun til framtíðinnar” (Programming for the Future), which has the purpose of strengthening and increasing interest in programming and the use of technology in schools in Iceland. In addition, RB has participated in the project “Stelpur og tækni” (Girls and Technology) from the outset. RB also places great importance on equality issues in their widest sense and matters relating thereto. RB has been a supporter of FKA, Vertonet and the student associations Systur (Sisters) at Reykjavík University and the ADA association at the University of Iceland. To apply for a grant from RB, please answer the following questions. We examine all requests and are determined to respond within 2 weeks.

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