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Deposit and payment solutions

Reiknistofa bankanna (RB) has developed and operated all the main financial systems and payment solutions in Iceland for the past 40 years, or since 1975. In addition, we have managed real-time payment processing since 1985, a global first. In 2013, we began the adoption of a new base system from Sopra Banking. This is one of the largest IT projects in recent years in Iceland. Landsbankinn, Íslandsbanki and Arion Bank have already adopted the system, and we will complete the implementation in all banks in the coming months. A new, standardised and international system makes the basic operation of the Icelandic financial system even more economical, increases efficiency and simplifies all the product development and operation of our customers.

Collection solutions

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The heart of RB’s collection solutions is Kröfupotturinn. The solution manages claims for all the Icelandic banks. The system is unique because it allows users to view and pay claims in all Internet banking accounts. At present, more than 30 million claims are created in Kröfupotturinn each year. It increases efficiency and easy access and makes it simpler for people to access their account statements and pay bills. Kröfupotturinn is, moreover, environmentally friendly, as it reduces paper use and the sending of letters.

Card solutions

The debit card of Reiknistofa bankanna (RB) manages the issue of debit cards as well as acquiring services for domestic payments. We have offered these services since 1993, when debit cards gradually replaced cheque books.

Interbank system

The payment system processing systems of RB, together with the interbank system of the Central Bank of Iceland, forms the core of real-time payment processing in Iceland. These systems are, moreover, part of the core systems of the entire financial system. Our role is to manage the design, co-ordination and operation of the systems.

Service and data centre

Good access to key systems through API (Application Programming Interface) is a vital aspect in the operation of modern IT systems. In order to further develop value adding solutions in production, our customers need to be able to increase their interaction and easily link information into our systems. The service centre of Reiknistofa bankanna (RB) forms a border between our basic systems and the operations of customers. This makes it easier to adopt new systems and minimize the need for specialized adaptations. The quality of data is a key aspect in all operations. Our Gagnatorg (public view data centre) co-ordinates the data in the RB databases and makes them accessible in a standardized format. In addition, older data is stored therein and therefore serves as a form of data storage for customers.

Security, reliability and professionalism

We intend to be a key partner of our customers. This is why we not only offer good solutions, but also attend to anything that can increase the value of the service to customers. The RB information security policy is based on the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 and PCI DSS 3.2 standards. These are all aspects that ensure secure operations and uptime of the solutions that RB offers.