We ensure the trustworthiness, security and reliability of the Icelandic financial services

The Heart of the Icelandic financial system for half a century

Our team is our greatest strength



Better and more efficient financial technology for the benefit of the entire community

Modern life is constantly changing. The role of financial institutions is to ensure the smooth running of daily life so that people can fulfil their dreams, needs and goals. We believe that our technological solutions and systems make it easier for our clients to manage diverse and demanding tasks. That way, we serve as the heart of the Icelandic financial system.

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Deposit and payment solutions

RB operates a deposit system that manages the deposit accounts of the customers of banks and savings banks. The system processes hundreds of thousands of entries each day.

Collection solutions

The collection solutions of RB enable commercial banks to offer their customers collection options together with the reception and disposal of the payments made as a result.

Card solutions

RB has managed the issue of debit cards and acquiring services for domestic payments since 1993, when debit cards gradually replaced cheque books.

Interbank system

RB operates a payment processing system which, together with the interbank system of the Central Bank of Iceland, forms the core of real-time payment processing in Iceland.

Service and data center

Quality and good access to data are key aspects in all operations. The services and data centres of RB facilitate the adoption of new systems and minimise the need for specialised adaptations.

Security, reliability and professionalism

The reliability of RB’s information and communications systems is one of the cornerstones of the company. RB has been granted ISO 27001 and PCI-DSS certification for its information security system.

The role of RB is to be a key partner that creates value for its clients through the operation and development of a secure infrastructure for the financial market.

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Our story

The Heart of the Icelandic financial system for half a century

Reiknistofa bankanna (RB) was created on 23 March 1973 as a joint venture company. A few weeks earlier, Pink Floyd released the masterpiece Dark Side of the Moon, and less than two weeks later, the first telephone call from a mobile phone was made. Icelandic society was at a crossroads, as business practices and financial services had advanced by leaps and bounds.Read more
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The workplace

Our team is our greatest strength.

RB is a multi-faceted and lively workplace. We make every effort to ensure that all our employees have the opportunity to develop their skills, and we believe that a strong team spirit leads to better workplace morale and better results. As a result, we take good care of our employees and ensure that they do not lack resources in their work.